Major Offering

It is our intention to improve always more the offer of products, so the new list nr 8 will bring to you updated prices and also new quotations obtained through an insistent research in the international market.

Model # ITL-MN-001

Qualitative Comparison with Others

Model # ITL-MN-001

Model # ITL-SM-002

YYT 0969/EN14683 Disposable Medical Mask

Quality of Surgical Mask

Disposable Mask

Model # ITL-SM-003

Hand Sanitizer

Model # ITL-HS-004

Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Model # ITL-IRT-005

Thermopile Temperature Sensor

Pyroelectric sensor (not proffesional for thermometer)

Surgical Goggle

Model # ITL-PG-006

Disposable Medial Protective Clothing

Model # ITL-PS-007